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Time to Demand More From Hotel Sales Technology

The primary technology component in group sales at hotels has been a Sales & Catering system. While these systems served sales teams well in the past, these are just sales tracking systems and it’s time to demand a lot more from technology we use for group business. Following are a few.

Profitability Integrated in Sales Workflow

Group Systems must integrate profit into each step of the group sales process. It should integrate profitability into your lead pipeline and surface best leads, into the pricing process, and into contract and negotiation phases. And it should do all this automatically without any manual intervention at every stage so your speed to market is not impacted.

Holistic View of the Business

While groups use services of various departments, profitability shouldn’t be segmented and must be presented in a holistic manner with all aspects of the business across department boundaries. This will enable sales teams and management to make intelligent decisions like increasing pricing of one component to cover profit degradation in another.

Enable Consistent Control

Technology should allow built-in management control into the sales process as well. Systems must allow management to control the group sales process without producing overload by surfacing sales that are outside of set parameters or business that is not meeting specific goals.

Help Upsell and Cross Sell

Technology should help hotels generate more revenue from group attendees with targeted offers. Systems should have functionality that support up-sell of rooms or cross sell of services like a bar or spa.

Facilitate Continuous Improvement

Technology can aid continuous improvement by surfacing the right analytics about sales, revenue, profit and your customer behavior. Hotels can continuously tweak their sales & revenue strategy based on outcomes that are available immediately instead of taking days and weeks to prepare reports quarterly or annually.

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